Andrea Tsang Jackson is a Canadian-born visual artist of East Asian descent based in Kjipuktuk / Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her work takes the traditional craft medium of quilting and applies it to a contemporary context, often using bright hues and bold graphics. She abstracts intentionally accessible imagery, inviting points of connection from the viewer to spark discussion and inquiry. Clean and crisp, vibrant but not loud, Andrea’s work uses solid-coloured commercial fabrics although she is currently developing a complementary vocabulary around found textiles and hand-dyed and painted fabrics.

Andrea strives to push the limits of the quilting medium by exploring scale and dimension and moving traditionally domestic objects into the public realm. Her work often celebrates community and collaboration, and explores ideas of belonging. The rich history of quilting also heavily influences her practice; she sees it as an extension of community across time.

Through her work, she aims to initiate conversations about the role of domestic arts in the fine art world. The boundaries around folk art, fine craft and fine art are a continual source of enquiry in her practice as she operates within all of these areas.



Andrea Tsang Jackson is a textile artist, quilt designer, author and educator. After working in various design fields and settings ranging from architecture to museums, the quilting medium called to her as a way to explore place, belonging, and agency. She holds a Master of Architecture from McGill University and a Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She was the 2017 Artist-in-Residence at the Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. In 2016, she was awarded the Etsy Canada Award for New Talent. Her work has been published in Flare, Design Milk Everyday, Uppercase, and various quilting publications. Andrea’s first book, Patchwork Lab: Gemology, was published by Lucky Spool in 2019. Andrea lives in Kjipuktuk / Halifax with her husband and two sons.

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